Blue Zinc IT is a technology company within the healthcare industry, specialising in automating and connecting the musculoskeletal and talking therapies arenas. Their solutions are for all parts of the market, from insurers to practitioners. Our core task was to communicate the value of a software solution that dramatically simplifies what is often a complex healthcare process. Working closely with the Blue Zinc team we completed an in-depth discovery phase by researching the steps taken by the user within the platform, and then translating the system’s functionality into customer and user-centric benefits. By presenting this within an infographic visualisation, rather than with long written copy, Blue Zinc can provide an immediate overview of their product’s value and ease-of-use to their target market.

Scope of Work

  • - stakeholder workshops
  • - product audit & analysis
  • - experience strategy

  • - interface design
  • - style guide
  • - Infographic
  • - messaging

Our next step was to ensure the solution’s values were present in the experience strategy, represented by an intentional interface design that provides an intuitive user journey throughout the application. Following the implementation of a UI design treatment, we worked through handover workshops with the development team and provided assets for ongoing front-end development in the form of a referenced style guide.

Other Case Studies

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